Sunday, October 11, 2009

Newly Minted Editor for Climate Change at JustMeans

I have accepted the volunteer position for Editor for Climate Change at Exciting news. Chatting with Kevin Long, the co-founder, there are some exciting goals that Justmeans team have and I'm thankful to be a part of it. I should be receiving a small stipend, but I'd rather focus on the writing. I look forward to spreading the discussion.

For those wondering what Justmeans is: a social utility where you can talk about your good work with companies and people who matter. Discuss about health, climate change, corporate social responsibility, ethical consumption, sustainable development, sustainable finance, responsible career and many other topics of your interest and value

With this announcement I want to post some new expectations from this blog. I will be posting my personal thoughts, anecdotes, and developing ideas on climate change and renewable energy here on California Renewable Energy. At Justmeans, I will be posting to a more professional group so I'll provide more hard facts, an advantage to my personal knowledge growth- hey to win arguments you need hard facts! My concern is to not lose my personality while writing on such an important topic in a style that admittedly will be ad hoc. Here we go!

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